2017 Wood Badge Course S4-83-17-1
       Feb 24-26, 2017 & Mar 17-19, 2016

Camp LaNoChe (41940 Boy Scout Rd, Paisley, FL 32767)

We welcome you to join us for your Wood Badge Training Experience, and are certain that you will enjoy your time with us.
The following Scouters are on Spring WB staff and are ready to answer any of your questions:
Apopka Shores:  Boomer Coomes, Rolando Vargas
Challenger: Chris Bradshaw, Johnny Hartley, Stephie Hendry
Fort Gatlin: Jeramy Hebebrand, John Jennings, Donna Lucier
Lake: Aaron Caverly, Robert 'Mac' MacDarmont, Mike Peeler
Little Econ:  Jeff Broomell, Michael Burton, Eric Hanke, Joyce Larson, Stan Richards, Maria Vazquez
Riverside: Barb Joplin, Tom Rogers
Sand Lake: Eric Cooper, Jerry Norton
Seminole Springs: Regina Armaly, Donald Dillon
Three Rivers: Jeanne Babiez, Lilly Bruno, Cindy Miller, Bill Rice
Tuscarora: Jim Connell, Alan Fisher, Craig Hulette

Course Orientation
Saturday, Jan 28, 2018 at 
University of Scouting (Periods 5 & 6)
Edgewater High School

Course Weekend 1
Friday, February 24th to 
Sunday, February 26th
Camp LaNoChe

Course Weekend 2
Friday, March 17th to 
Sunday, March 19th
Camp LaNoChe 

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