What is Wood Badge?

What is Wood Badge?

It is advanced training for adult leaders in Scouting designed to enhance contemporary leadership skill and develop more effective Scouters. The Wood Badge program gives participants a greater understanding of Scouting aims and methods, while developing true Scout Spirit. It is anticipated that all people who complete Wood Badge training will continue to work actively in the Scouting program to further the aims and methods of Scouting.


What will you get out of the course?


During the course, participants will learn and put into practice modern leadership,

management, and organizational behavior theory and techniques…models for success. You will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the aims and purposes of Scouting, while you learn to live the values and develop a desire to lead to make a difference.


It is not uncommon for a participant to come away from the Wood Badge experience valuing the not only the formal Wood Badge Training they have received; but also treasuring the fellowship and new friends they made while on course. Many participants come away changed for the better - with a new or renewed life focus, as they bring their vision to life.

Wood Badge Five Central Themes

The themes that this Wood Badge course will provide you:

1.       Living the Values
— Values, Mission and Vision

2.       Bringing the Vision to Life
— Listening to Learn
— Communication
— Leveraging Diversity Through Inclusiveness
— Generations in Scouting
— Coaching and Mentoring


3.       Models for Success
— Stages of Team Development
— The Leading EDGE/The Teaching EDGE

 4.      Tools of the Trade 
      — Project Planning 
      — Leading Change
      — Decision Making and Problem Solving
      — Managing Conflict 
      — Self-Assessment


5.     Leading to Make a Difference 
      — Servant Leadership 
Leaving a Legacy